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Perfect Idea

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GD Venture

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We love both cotton paper and satisfied customers. Our mission is to give the very traditional beauty of printing to you.

We can do many various vivid colours. You can choose which you like the most.

Be more unique than others and always seek an alternative way of express your individuality.


Our Process is simple and effective.

First of all send us an email with your project in AI or PDF or simply describe what you're looking for.


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Next is to inform us about all important details like for instance quantity, colours and choose type of paper.


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Than we need some time to build printing plates, cut paper and create your unique products with great care.


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We ship all over the world. You can pay with Paypal. Do not wait any longer - hire us!


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Letter&Press is a traditional printing studio based in Warsaw / Poland. We are focused on cultivating and promoting the beautiful and somewhat forgotten art of printing which is letterpress. That's why we strive to offer our customers the opportunity to have a unique product, very elegant awakening wonder and rising prestige.

Our workshop

Letter&Press proudly takes care of generational continuity printers. Grandmother, father and now son. This is the third generation involved in print in our family. The family story begins in 1958.Our beloved platten press weighs about 1000 kg and is dated to the turn of 1800/1900. It is driven by a pedal pushed by foot . The whole operation requires great physical strength, so as to fit the press in motion and keep it in the rotation for a few hours.


The effect whitch is indeed the third dimension (without simultaneously pushing paper on the other side) can only be achieved by old letterpress technique using thick paper. None of the todays available technology offers such an amazing and unique effect.


The quality of the highest level of unprecedented precision is provided by special magnesium printing plates from where paint is transported to the paper, and next the force of monumental machine arm allows for the pressure, which guarantees the aesthetic and highly valuable products on the market.


It is a product for people who appreciate quality, hand work, crafts and forgotten nobility and also for those who like to surround themselves with huge attention to the smallest detail.


Paper which we use is free of wood - made from cotton. There are none optical brighteners used in its production thus it’s original colour is more white off rather than artificialy made white. Paper texture is very noble in appearance and feel. It is characterized by a pleasant plumpness and the unique fiber structure of the separate paper.


Letterpress requires a great patience. It is like wine and many other luxury goods. Each card, emphasizing each - is taken manually by the printer and embossed with the press force, color by color.


We take every order with passion because we love what we do and letterpress is our whole life. In order to achieve the highest quality and do not harm the environment we rely on organic soy-based inks and high-quality cotton paper.


A few letterpress printing technique videos.

Below you can check what is letterpress and why it is so astonishingly marvelous. This is really still living history of printing.


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